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Create a legacy with LifeLegacy. Wills, life insurance, and more to support the people and causes you care about most – all in one place.

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Legacy planning with a twist of social good

Protect your future all in one place

Less than 30% of Americans have planned to protect their loved ones and the causes they support. We’ve made it easy to do it all in one place.

Last Will and Testament


Deciding what happens to your assets and personal possessions after your death is important. Preparing a will is the simplest way to ensure that your money, real estate, cryptocurrency, and more get distributed according to your wishes.
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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

We're revolutionizing people's ability to leave a lasting legacy through the power of life insurance. Our process is an accelerated, all-online application that will give you an instant decision in minutes. In most cases, there are no medical exams, blood work, or annoying phone calls. This is your hassle-free way to give, and give big.
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Advance Healthcare Directive

Advance Healthcare Directive

An Advance Healthcare Directive is a legal document that outlines how you want medical decisions about you to be made if you’re unable to make the decision yourself.
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Financial Power of Attorney

Financial Power of Attorney

A financial power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint someone to manage your finances and property for you in the event the unexpected happens, like a sudden injury or illness.
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Crypto Donations

Crypto Donations

Similar to donating stocks or other assets, donating crypto directly to charity can save you on your capital gains tax and you can receive a federal income tax deduction for the full value of your crypto.
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Making social impact accessible and inclusive for all

At LifeLegacy, we’re creating a space that allows people to leave the world better than when they entered it by transforming wills, life insurance, and more into tools for social good. We’re committed to providing nonprofits and institutions with impactful gifts and analytics that help sustain long-term growth and success while making social impact accessible and inclusive for all individual donors.

Total Committed to Nonprofits


The 21st century way to plan your legacy



Easy to do

Leave gifts of crypto, real estate, art, and more all online through our legacy planning tools.
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20 min

Only 20 minutes

We've made it faster and more intuitive than ever before to create a legacy through a will, life insurance, advance directive, and more.
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Impact for Generations

Leave behind a larger legacy that can be felt for generations. We make it possible to make an impact with your life, after life.
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Affordable Cost

Unlike costly estate planning lawyers, LifeLegacy is making it affordable and accessible to all to leave a legacy.
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Your Information is Secure

Secure Communication

All communication is secured from your browser to our service with SSL-encryption (2048 bit certificates).

Encrypted Data & Secure File Storage

All personally identifiable data stored in our databases is encrypted using AES-256 encryption and any files uploaded to LifeLegacy servers are encrypted using AES-256 encryption.


We believe data privacy is paramount and as such we never share or sell your information with any third party. We are committed to only sharing basic donor information, with your explicit consent/opt-in, to the nonprofit you select in your legacy plan. All users can opt-out of sharing basic information to the nonprofit(s) regarding their charitable gift and remain anonymous.

Make an impact with your life, after life.

LifeLegacy - Wills, Life Insurance, & More for Social Good

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