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See below for more information on the products that we offer for nonprofits to drive planned gifts.

Our Planned Giving Products

To generate planned gifts from your donors

Last Will and Testament

Co-branded online will application to facilitate charitable bequests to your organization.

Life Insurance

Customized online life insurance application to drive substantial planned gifts for your organization.


Give your donors the choice to leave an annuity as a planned gift.

Donor Tracking Dashboard

Track charitable bequests in wills and pledged life insurance policies through our proprietary donor tracking dashboard.

How it works

We’ll do the hard stuff so you can focus on what’s most important – your mission!

Solving the data problem of planned giving

Currently, we live in a world of fragmented estate planning that’s almost entirely disconnected from planned giving. For example, the information about a planned gift in a will is rarely ever shared with a nonprofit, which means nonprofits have little, if any, information to forecast planned gifts or nurture current relationships with donors leaving a planned gift. Here at LifeLegacy, we’re aiming to solve this by combining the largest elements of estate planning with a philanthropic focus on planned giving. Through our proprietary donor tracking dashboard combined with our completely free online will and life insurance, we hope to illuminate the planned giving industry and make philanthropy affordable, easy, and accessible to all individuals. 

Why Is Planned Giving Critical?

Over the next 20 years, an estimated $30 trillion will be moved in the US as the Baby Boomer generation transfers its wealth.

This is the single greatest opportunity for philanthropy in the modern era to capture a portion of the wealth transfer – particularly around middle-class donors leaving planned gifts.

Thinly staffed organizations ignore middle and upper-middle-income donors for planned gifts, even though they are far more numerous.

A comprehensive planned giving strategy can ensure your organization’s mission and goals for years to come.

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