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LifeLegacy was created to help more people leave planned gifts to the charities they love. This is accomplished by using the power of an online will planner to generate bequests.  LifeLegacy works directly with individuals and also helps charities promote planned gifts on their websites. You don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to leave a positive imprint. Instead, you can leave a lasting legacy in an affordable and simplified manner through our legacy giving products.

With LifeLegacy, members can leave a planned gift/legacy gift for a nonprofit or charitable organization by creating an online will and leaving a charitable bequest within the will.

A will is a relatively simple legal document that transfers your assets, property, etc. upon your death to designated persons or organizations. It is revocable, which means that it is able to be changed until your death. It becomes effective only upon your death.

Wills can distribute your property to your loved ones, name an executor to wrap up your affairs, identify guardians for children, forgive debts, and more. Having a will also means that you, rather than the state, get to decide who receives your property when you die. In most cases, wills are typewritten legal documents that are signed and witnessed, but some states do recognize other types of wills. And a Will is a great way to leave a portion of your estate to a charity (or charities) that you support.

Yes. Life Legacy, with the help of an estate planning law firm, has compiled a simple, yet complete will that is valid in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

With your permission, LifeLegacy will let your selected charity know that you have identified them as a beneficiary in your Will.

Yes, we’ve made updating your will very simple and straightforward. Simply, sign into your account and click “update” next to the Will in your user profile.

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