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What if you could turn a little contribution into a life-changing one? What if you could build a legacy a little bit at a time? If you could do that, would you? 

This concept of building an everlasting legacy is what sparked Jordan, Spencer, and Austin Cassidy’s idea for LifeLegacy. The three brothers lost their father John Cassidy in 2007 after a tumultuous battle with brain cancer. One lasting lesson John left with his sons was taught through life’s toughest moments and that is despite life not going the way you planned it, there is a greater purpose than your so-called plan. Through his battle, John continued to do everything in his power to give back to his community.  Above all else, John’s superpower was his ability to see and meet the needs of others. And he remained committed to that throughout his life and well beyond. 

“Life wasn’t supposed to happen this way” could be the key takeaway from this story. But for the Cassidy brothers, they’d choose it a million times over. John’s legacy was unique. Not only did his life insurance policy provide for his loved ones, but the policy also fueled financial support to the causes he was most passionate about.

John’s legacy gave his son’s foresight into the tangible impact that life insurance policies and wills can have not only for your loved ones but also for special interests near and dear to your heart. As the three brothers grew older, they wanted to take the necessary steps to model their lives after his. When they discovered that there was no platform to build a legacy through charity-oriented life insurance policies and free wills – the idea of LifeLegacy was born.

Our Team


Spencer Cassidy

Jordan Cassidy
Business Development

Austin Cassidy
Operations & Product

Brandon Stuchkus
Product & Design

Craig Simms
Partnerships & Distribution

Core Team

Michelle Aquino
Business Development

Matthew Creegan
Marketing & PR

Juliet Pierre-Antoine
Marketing & PR

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