Our Story

At the age of 37, our father, John Cassidy, an active and healthy individual moving into the peak of his career, had his world flipped upside down. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor – and living on what doctors call “borrowed time.” 

Fortunately, our father was a planner. Before getting sick, he made it his goal to complete an estate plan.  Many would joke, “John, you’re so healthy and young. Why do you care so much?” 

With a young family, wife, pets, house, and nonprofits he was passionate about, our father knew a lot was at stake if he chose not to protect the people and causes he cared about most through estate planning. 

By doing so, he ensured his wishes were known and saved our family from the stress and costs created by probate proceedings. As a result, our father’s plan protected our family’s livelihood and enabled his legacy to live on to this day.

The moral of the story, we all should have a plan (e.g., Last Will & Testament) in place regardless of our health, wealth, or age. Planning isn’t just for the rich, the sick, or the aging – our products are built for all. Don’t get caught taking life for granted and not having your plan in place. 

We hope the story of our father and bit of advice encourages you to create a plan so you, too, can have a legacy that will live on forever. 


Austin, Jordan, Spencer & The LifeLegacy Team

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