Ways to Give for Individuals

Our Giving Methods

Make an impact for generations to come by giving to the people and causes you care about, in a matter of minutes. Whether you choose a life insurance policy, annuity, or a free will, there are more ways than one to leave a legacy.

Life Insurance


The simplest way to ensure that your funds and property get distributed according to your wishes. 

Making a will allows you to determine how you’d like to distribute your assets (savings, investments, real estate, personal property) after you pass away. Many folks decide to leave assets to a charity or nonprofit organization. By doing, your will allows you to sustain charities mission and impact on people’s lives, solidify your personal legacy, and receive financial benefits (depending on the type of gift you make). The most common types of planned giving via a will are made through a general gift, residuary gift, specific gift, and/or contingent gift. Keep in mind, the majority of folks choose to make a monetary donation to charity in their will; however, each person is unique and has the ability to select what feels best for them!

 Don’t become one of many that forget to put a will in place. They are a staple for planning and everyone should have a will, regardless of their wealth or age. Having a will ensures that final wishes are known and saves your loved ones stress and legal costs from probate proceedings.

Steps to Complete

Follow our step-by-step interactive guide to write your will. For most folks, it only takes 15-minutes to complete the required information.

We’ll take everything that you’ve input and turn it into a legal document. All you have to do is print it out!

After you’ve printed the document, follow the instructions to get your will signed and made official. Don’t forget to store it somewhere safe and accessible.

Life Insurance

The most affordable way to leave the largest legacy.

Life insurance is a great way to leave a legacy for your organization or family. With Life Legacy, we make life insurance simple and easy to understand. Our product navigator will ask you a few quick questions to get to know you better. Based on your responses, we’ll help you identify the life insurance or annuity product that best matches your needs.

After selecting the product, you’ll have the ability to complete your application with one of our carefully selected life insurance partners. The process is an accelerated, all-online application that will give you a decision in minutes! This is your hassle-free way to give, and to give big!

Whole life insurance lasts for the rest of your life whereas term insurance only lasts for a specified amount of time. When it comes to giving, whole life is ideal because as long as you pay the affordable monthly premiums, your selected organization will receive the death benefit proceeds when you pass. Keep in mind, whole life typically costs more per month than term insurance, but the gift is guaranteed!

Term life insurance is the most popular type of life insurance because it is low-cost and provides the highest payouts. One thing to keep in mind is that typical term insurance coverage ranges in periods of 10 to 30 years and payouts only apply within the term period. Because of this, it’s not a guarantee that the payout will be used for charitable giving as compared to whole life insurance. However, term life is still a great choice for protecting your family and one of the most common insurance products for this purpose!

Product Comparison

Whole Life

The best way to leave the biggest impact! Proceeds must be split between charity and family.

Term: Coverage For 10, 20, And 30 Years

Term life insurance is the most simple and affordable option and it provides coverage for a set duration of time or “term”, which is typically 10, 20, 30 years. 

A healthy 35-year-old female can expect to get a $250,000 20-year term life policy for about $18/month.

Final Expense

The easiest way to leave an impact! No medical tests and a decision in minutes.

Steps to Complete:

Not sure what type of life insurance to choose? Don’t worry, answer a few quick questions about yourself in under 5-minutes. We’ll suggest the life insurance products that may be best for you!

Answer an all-online questionnaire about your health and beneficiaries. For most folks, this only takes about 15 minutes.

After your policy is approved, you’re required to sign and pay your first (month/quarter/annual) premium to make the policy “in-force.”

Crypto Donations

Similar to donating stocks or other assets, donating crypto directly to charity can save you on your capital gains tax and you can receive a federal income tax deduction for the full value of your crypto. At LifeLegacy we’ve made donating crypto fast, safe, and the most reliable way to reduce your capital gains taxes while supporting a cause of your choice.


Don’t want to buy life insurance? This is a simple alternative choice to give big seamlessly.

A fixed annuity is a simple product that is great for giving. Unlike life insurance, an annuity requires zero medical questions or medical background. Instead, an applicant completes an easy online form to verify their financial position and how much they’re comfortable depositing into their annuity fund. After they’ve completed the questions, our partnered annuity company will provide a guaranteed fixed rate of return (as high as 3.25% per year!) for your choice of 3, 5, or 7 years. In return, owners get steady, guaranteed growth, then, when they perish, the selected organization gets the entire balance of the annuity. There is even a provision that allows the annuitants to take as much as 10% out of the annuity each year to give a short-term gift. This is perfect for givers who want to make an impact now and later!

If you already have life insurance, retirement vehicles such as 401k plans or IRAs, and you have additional money to set aside, an annuity’s tax-free growth may make sense for you – especially for those in a high-income tax bracket.

Steps to Complete:

Share some some personal details like your address, contact information and who you would like to designate as your beneficiary.

The faster you deposit funds, the faster you’ll earn.

We’ll connect you with our annuity partner to help you grow your account!

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Get notified when you can donate to your favorite causes via cryptocurrency. 

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