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A planned giving calendar is a crucial tool for nonprofits to prepare for giving days and to secure donations throughout the year. A well-planned calendar helps organizations map out their fundraising activities and identify the most effective strategies to engage with donors.

Our planned giving calendar includes key dates such as giving days, holidays, and other significant events that could impact a donor’s willingness to give. By mapping out these dates in advance, organizations can develop targeted marketing campaigns and fundraising strategies to engage donors.

A planned giving calendar also enables nonprofits to identify potential fundraising opportunities throughout the year, allowing them to plan ahead and create engaging campaigns that align with donor interests. It helps organizations prioritize their fundraising efforts and avoid any last-minute panic or disorganization.

All in all, a planned giving calendar is essential for nonprofits to prepare for major giving days and secure donations throughout the year. By mapping out key dates and developing targeted strategies, organizations can engage donors and build meaningful relationships that result in long-term support.

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