Texting Templates: Generate more planned gifts and major gifts via text


Are you a nonprofit professional exploring effective ways to boost your planned and major gifts via text? Our latest resource is tailored just for you. Dive into a collection of proven text templates, specifically designed to engage donors of various age groups. Each template is crafted to resonate with the distinct preferences and communication styles of different demographics.

Young or old, every donor is a world of opportunities. Our templates span from event updates to direct approaches for planned gifts and major gifts, ensuring your message hits home every time. Grasp the technique of personalized, age-appropriate communication that not only acknowledges the donor’s contributions but also invites them to step into a world of amplified impact.

Experience the transformative power of texts that talk, resonate, and build bridges. Ready to turn texts into treasures? Unleash the potential of each message, because every word counts when a legacy is on the line. Dive in, discover, and make each word a step closer to a future graced with generosity and growth.

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