Phone Scripts: Starting the convo with your donors


Discover the knack of initiating conversations that pave the way for planned gifts and major donations, right at your fingertips. Our meticulously crafted phone script templates are your ultimate companion to navigate through those crucial dialogues with donors, turning casual conversations into promising prospects for major gifts. 

Learn how to skillfully introduce planned giving into conversations before and after events, how to weave advocacy appeals seamlessly into dialogues, and update donors on the impacts of their contributions, all while building lasting relationships. Designed to cater to a varied donor base, these scripts offer nuanced approaches to communicate effectively, catering to the individual preferences and inclinations of each donor.

Equip yourself with these practical, easy-to-adapt scripts, and step into conversations with confidence, clarity, and a personalized touch, ensuring each dialogue is not just another call but a stepping stone to a future of enriched donor relationships and enhanced fundraising. Dive in, explore, and transform your donor conversations into opportunities for growth and enrichment for your nonprofit organization.

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