August is Make a Will Month: Drive Planned Gifts Through Wills


As we approach August, your nonprofit has a unique opportunity to leverage “Make a Will Month” to engage supporters and drive planned gifts through wills. Promoting this initiative can help secure long-term financial stability and ensure the continuation of your organization’s mission. By offering complimentary will services on your website, you can encourage more planned gifts and foster deeper relationships with donors.

The Importance of Make a Will Month for Nonprofits

Raising Awareness

Make a Will Month is an ideal time to educate supporters about the importance of having a will. Many people delay creating a will due to lack of access as well as misconceptions about cost and simplicity. Your nonprofit can use this month to provide valuable information and resources, helping supporters understand why having a will is crucial, regardless of their financial status.

Engaging Donors

Promoting Make a Will Month offers an excellent opportunity to connect with donors. Targeted communications, such as newsletters, social media posts, and email campaigns, can help reach supporters and inspire them to consider leaving a legacy. Sharing stories of how planned gifts have made a significant impact can motivate donors to include your nonprofit in their wills.

Encouraging Planned Giving

Planned giving is vital for your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy. Bequests from wills provide a sustainable source of income. By focusing on Make a Will Month, nonprofits can encourage more supporters to consider planned giving. Highlighting the benefits, such as tax advantages and the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy, can inspire donors to include your nonprofit in their estate plans.

Benefits of Offering Complimentary Wills

Removing Barriers

One of the main reasons people delay creating a will is the perceived complexity and cost. By offering LifeLegacy’s online estate planning platform, The Giving Suite, on your website, you can remove these barriers, making it easier for supporters to take action. Providing a simple, accessible way to create a will benefits individuals and increases the likelihood of securing planned gifts. And LifeLegacy can customize the branding of the will to your organization’s specifications.

Building Trust

Offering LifeLegacy’s estate planning tools, such as its online will, demonstrates your nonprofit’s commitment to your supporters’ well-being. It shows that you value your donors and are willing to invest in tools that benefit them. This gesture helps build trust and strengthens the relationship between you and your supporters, making them more likely to consider including your organization in their wills.

Increasing Planned Gifts

Providing a complimentary LifeLegacy estate plan can directly increase the number of planned gifts committed to your nonprofit. When supporters have an easy and free way to create their plans, they are more likely to take action. Best of all, LifeLegacy’s estate planning platform encourages donors to consider a bequest during the will-making process, effectively increasing the number of planned gifts received.

Promoting Make a Will Month and Complimentary Will Services

Develop a Marketing Campaign

Nonprofits should develop a focused marketing campaign to maximize the impact of Make a Will Month. LifeLegacy can help in this regard. Our comprehensive marketing playbook includes email templates, phone scripts, newsletter content, graphics, social media posts, and direct mail content that can help you reach as many supporters as possible.

Share Success Stories

Sharing donor stories of how planned gifts have made a significant impact on your nonprofit can inspire others to take action. These stories can be highlighted through various channels, including newsletters, social posts, emails, and even in-person events.

Host Educational Webinars

Hosting webinars on the importance of having a will and the benefits of planned giving can engage supporters and provide valuable information. You can invite experts in estate planning, including members of the LifeLegacy team, to offer insights and guidance.

Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms are powerful tools for reaching a broad audience. Your organization can use engaging posts, videos, and infographics to promote Make a Will Month and the availability of complimentary online will services.


Make a Will Month is a valuable opportunity for nonprofits to drive planned gifts through wills. By promoting the importance of having a will and offering complimentary will services, nonprofits can engage supporters, build trust, and secure long-term financial stability. As August approaches, nonprofits should seize the opportunity to promote Make a Will Month and inspire their supporters to leave a lasting impact through planned gifts. 

For more information on how to incorporate estate planning tools into your planned giving efforts, contact Jordan Cassidy. 

Our customized estate planning platform is budget-friendly and can be launched in days, not weeks or months!

Picture of Author: Craig Simms

Author: Craig Simms

Head of Partnerships


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