Make A Will Month: Top 5 Reasons You Need a Will Today


It’s August, which means it’s #NationalMakeAWillMonth, a reminder for all of us to secure our loved ones’ futures. A lot of us push this essential task to the back burner – and we understand why. It’s uncomfortable to think about, but it’s crucial not to let this discomfort delay us from planning wisely.

Here are five compelling reasons why NOW is the best time to create a will:

CONTROL: A will is your voice after you’re gone. It enables you to decide how your assets should be distributed, ensuring they’re used in ways you believe are best.

PREVENT CONFLICT: Wills help avoid potential disputes among your loved ones. Disputes over estates without wills can drag on for years, causing rifts within families.

MINIMIZE COSTS: Proper estate planning with a well-drafted will can help your heirs save thousands on fees. A win for your loved ones!

GUARDIANSHIP: For those with minor children, a will is a must. It allows you to name the guardian who will care for your children should something happen to you.

PEACE OF MIND: Perhaps most importantly, creating a will brings peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are taken care of and your wishes honored.

Remember, our futures are uncertain, but our wills don’t have to be. Don’t wait until it’s too late. This August, let’s pledge to protect what’s dear to us. Start writing your will today: https://lifelegacy.io/get-started/ 

Let’s make National Make-A-Will Month not just about awareness, but action.


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