Blackbaud Raisers Edge NXT is now integrated with LifeLegacy’s Planned Giving Platform


Are you having difficulty tracking and organizing donor data because the information is fragmented? Great news for nonprofits using Blackbaud!

LifeLegacy, a leading provider of nonprofit planned giving solutions, recently launched its data integration with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT platform (RENXT). Nonprofits can now use LifeLegacy to automatically sync donor planned giving data (e.g., gift size, gift type, and more) on RENXT. 

For existing donors (constituents) on RENXT, LifeLegacy will automatically update or add to the current records. If there isn’t a record for the donor, it will create one with the planned giving data – saving you time and simplifying the process of consolidating donor data.

To access, fundraisers can log into their LifeLegacy dashboard and click the “Integrations” tab to connect and authenticate with their Blackbaud account. From there, fundraisers can sync any LifeLegacy data between their accounts – creating less fragmentation and one source of truth for your fundraising data within RENXT.

Why is this new integration capability important?

  • Advanced Planned Giving Integration: LifeLegacy provides the most advanced capabilities to integrate its planned giving data seamlessly with Raiser’s Edge NXT. 
  • Automated Donor Management Simplified: Say goodbye to manual data entry for planned gifts, and hello to efficiency with LifeLegacy’s automatic updates for current constituents and record creation for new donors in RENXT. Our integration ensures that your donor management is not just effortless but also accurate, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on what truly matters—your mission.
  • Centralized Donor Insights for Strategic Decisions: With LifeLegacy and Blackbaud’s combined forces, your organization gains a holistic view of every donor’s journey, preferences, and commitments. This integration empowers you with comprehensive data analytics, enabling strategic decisions that drive your nonprofit’s success through informed, data-driven insights.
  • Enhanced Donor Engagement with Personalized Communication: By consolidating donor information, we enable your charity to craft highly personalized and effective communication strategies. This tailored approach not only strengthens relationships with your supporters but also opens avenues for increased donations through meaningful engagement.

The integration of LifeLegacy donor data into Blackbaud can help charities operate more efficiently with centralized information. This leads to nonprofits communicating more effectively and building stronger relationships with donors, ultimately resulting in greater impact and success in their missions. Schedule a demo today with our team of experts to see the power of LifeLegacy’s planned giving tools.

Author: Craig Simms

Author: Craig Simms

Head of Partnerships


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