Why Do You Need Information About My Health?

Great question! We ask you health and personal questions so that our underwriters have a clear picture of your health and lifestyle while determining your insurability for a legacy giving policy. The information we request is collected and used to verify your identity, but it also is used to expedite the underwriting process. This is the part that makes Life Legacy much faster than a traditional paper application or going to your financial adviser, lawyer and other insurance firms. To ensure your identity, we may ask for your Social Security number, driver license number, and credit card to help verify and protect your identity. This also helps us ward off insurance fraud. At Life Legacy, we want to make it fast and simple to get your legacy giving insurance policy, but difficult for anyone who may be committing insurance fraud by trying to assume your identity. No matter where you shop for a policy (legacy giving or life insurance), you will always be asked and required to provide the same information!