Demystifying the Vehicles of Planned Giving: Bequests to Annuities


Get the inside scoop on planned giving with our easy-to-digest guide, “Demystifying the Vehicles of Planned Giving.” We break down the top tools in the trade: bequests, charitable remainder trusts, and gift annuities, explaining how each one works in digestible terms. 

Wondering which option fits your donors best? We cover that too, offering clear criteria to match each giving type with different donor needs and goals. 

If terms like “bequest” or “charitable remainder trusts” have your head spinning, our guide is here to clear things up. You’ll learn how to talk about these options with confidence, connecting with donors in meaningful ways that boost your fundraising efforts.

Ready to become a planned giving pro? Download the article, get informed, and let’s raise those funds!

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